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Real Estate Attorneys in Paris

Law for real estate professionals. Our real estate attorneys have acquired the status of “experts” in real estate litigation. They advise property managers, trustees, co-owners, tenants, landlords, insurers and developers.

Business Law

Our attorneys specialize in business law providing legal support to companies as soon as they are set up, drafting contracts, securing their commercial relations, recovering their debts taking care of their disputes and difficulties.

Rent Recovery

In this technical practice we have developed a methodical approach to recover all types of civil and commercial claims, especially unpaid rents, in all jurisdictions, with the aim of acting quickly to anticipate the debtors’ court economic burden.

Are you looking for a law firm in Paris specializing in real estate law and litigation?

Do you need legal advice and expertise in the fields of construction, urban planning and real estate?


Founded in 1996 by Attorney Richard Cohen, member of the Paris Bar specializing in real estate law with an expertise in real estate litigation. Cohen is a recognized professional in business law, including commercial litigation, class actions, business dealings and corporate incorporation / creation. He is also an expert in employment law, and works alongside employers and employees to assist and advise them in proceedings or litigation.

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Our Paris based law firm “Cohen et Associés” in french, listens to your needs, represents you and assists you with discretion and efficiency, all while creating a close relationship and learning about your business and what is important to you, making you and your business a priority.


Our attention to details and responsiveness ensure a fully personalized treatment of your case, whether you’re based in Paris or not. Our expertise in more than a few areas of law allows us to implement our know-how and to deal each of your issues with care. Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with you that goes well beyond a one-time consultancy and to become an expert at dealing with your business legal matters while you have a peace of mind.


We operate within a strict compliance, guidelines and ethical rules of the law, with confidentiality of communications and negotiations, duty of information, professional secrecy, independence, loyalty to the client and rejection of any form of conflict of interest.

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